21 05 2010

It seemed as if everyone knew each other in Kuvuka on the hottest day of the year so far, from the people popping in for a takeaway coffee to those just wandering past along Stokes Croft and waving to the staff and customers inside.

One customer who came in enquired of the man behind the bar if he had had a good time on his recent visit to Africa. That is typical of Kuvuka, which has a strong African theme running through it, from the trinkets on the floor, the photographs and paintings of smiling children on the walls, and because the cafe raises money for the Suubi Trust, a charity that supports healthcare in Uganda.

We are still in Stokes Croft, however, and beside the jar on the bar collecting money for the Suubi Trust is a selection of postcards of the area’s best bits, from colourful litter bins to eccentric shop fronts.

Above the wooden bowls containing brownies, almond slices and carrot cake is a sticker, I heart Stokes Croft. Nearby is the food menu, with salads a speciality here. Elsewhere there are comfy sofas around antique tables, and window seats onto the always fascinating Stokes Croft.

Price of an iced latte: £1.90

Kuvuka, 113 Stokes Croft. 0117 924 7180.




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