Stokes Croft StreetFest: the daytime fun

24 05 2010

A chalk painting in the Bear Pit was of Primark robots, people who work, shop, sleep, eat, ad infinitum. On Saturday, the Bear Pit acted as the conduit between the world of capitalism in Broadmead, and a world of creativity, fun and spontaneity in Stokes Croft.

The Bear Pit slowly filled up throughout the day, and by late afternoon it was standing room only, a sea of colour and movement soudtracked by a stage filled with local musicians. It was quite a sight from the James Barton roundabout, an area that is normally quiet and hurried through head down, now a vibrant place throbbing with life.

The rest of Stokes Croft was also joining in with the fun. As I wandered up the road with three friends, we saw four brides coming towards us, hands in prayer. At King Square, dozens of participants were signing up to the Crofts dog show, exploring the stalls and listening to more live music.

The aim of the Stokes Croft StreetFest was to raise the reputation of Stokes Croft and improve the public peception of an often maligned area of Bristol. I think we can safely say that those aims were achieved and the whole day was a massive success. A huge well done to those involved. Here’s to the second installment next year.

Here are some photographs from the daytime:



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