Bellevue Bakery

9 06 2010

Over on Twitter last week, I promised a special prize to Bristol Culture’s 1000th follower. The special prize was a cupcake from the Clifton Cake Cafe, and this afternoon I picked up the cupcake and cycled over to Filton to deliver it to its lucky new owner.

The Clifton Cake Cafe is a business started last year by Laura Wesson out of her kitchen on a small road in Cliftonwood. From this kitchen emerge delicious cakes, cupcakes, flapjacks, brownies and biscuits and soon, her first wedding cake, made for a friend.

Laura doesn’t come from a catering background. She studied aeronautical engineering at university and worked for an IT company for six years.

She then went travelling and when she returned to England, decided that she no longer wanted an office job. Her passion has always been baking, so she decided to turn that into a business.

“I’ve taken a bit of a strange career path I know, but I’m now doing something that I really enjoy,” Laura says as we sit down for a chat in her living room, before she has to rush back to the kitchen when the beeping oven signals that a batch of cookies need removing.

“I have always had really fond memories of baking. I often think back to cakes that my mum used to make me when I was little.”

Laura says that her favourite cake to make is carrot cake. For her friend’s wedding, she is making a four-tiered chocolate cake, and also three little cookie favours for 130 guests, a daunting 390 cookies in total.

Her more usual commissions are for big offices, for birthdays and leaving parties. Some weeks, Laura has no orders, other weeks, she gets up at 5am and is baking by 6am.

I am pleased to confirm that her cupcakes are gorgeous creations, and if you go to Caffe Clifton you can also try some of her amazing flapjacks.

For more information about Laura and the Clifton Cake Cafe, visit


The Clifton Cake Cafe is now called Bellevue Bakery. Visit



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