Review: 2.8 Hours Later

20 09 2010

A zombie infestation was roaming the streets of Bristol on Friday and Saturday night, lurking in hidden corners of the city. Survivors followed clues to make it from one safe area to another.

The lucky few made it to the old Bank of England building on the corner of High Street and Wine Street in one piece. The unlucky had been infected and left the bowels of the building with blood dripping down their faces after a brush with a make-up artist.

2.8 Hours Later was the highlight of the third annual Interesting Games Festival, or igfest. Over the weekend, igfest featured such diverse games as locating the wearer of a GPS-enabled bowler hat and coffin racing in Queen Square.

For 2.8 Hours Later, 200 people gathered in St Nicholas Street at 7pm on Friday and Saturday nights to await further instruction. Wearing orange armbands to differentiate ourselves from bemused civilians, the streets of Bristol then became the setting for the zombie apocalypse.

The living dead first appeared on Corn Street as we made our way to an abandoned shop on Park Street. This was the first of some lovingly-created safe zones, or so we were led to believe.

Enthusiastic actors played the part of fellow survivors on the top of West End car park, in the toilets on Park Row, along Johnny Ball Lane, on the walkways above Nelson Street, in the old Bridewell police station, on Union Street, and finally in the old bank, where we were led to safety by Simon Pegg’s character from Shawn of the Dead.

2.8 Hours Later was like stepping into a real-life film set where nobody had any idea what was going to happen next. It was wonderfully-created and brilliant fun.



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31 05 2011
Review: 2.8 Hours Later 2011 « Bristol Culture

[…] Hours Later was back in town this year as part of igfest, the Incredible Games Festival, and like last year’s adventure it was both absorbing and heart-pumpingly […]

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