Cafe Ronak

31 10 2010

What’s the best pub, restaurant or cafe garden in Bristol? This was a question that I was pondering as I sat in the garden at Cafe Ronak on the Gloucester Road in Bishopston, not sure whether the sound of water I was hearing was the rain that had just started to fall or the water feature in the corner.

Encased by strips of bark and a colourful cartoon-like painting of a brilliant blue sky and clouds, like many pub, restaurant and cafe gardens in Bristol it is a lovely surprise when you discover it for the first time.

Other top gardens that spring to mind are the Hope & Anchor and Farm pubs, while few cafes can rival Ronak’s, with perhaps only the Boston Tea Party on Park Street able to match it.

As well as the garden, Cafe Ronak also features a much higher than average count of old black and white pictures of Bristol on its walls. As if that wasn’t enough, it has not one but two copies of the Bishopston, Horfield and Ashley Down Archive Photographs Series book.

It’s not just about the garden and the old photographs, however. The food at Ronak is much more extensive than at most cafes (burgers, all day breakfasts, omelettes etc) and the interior with its smart high-backed brown and cream leather seats can match the garden for the cool factor.

Cafe Ronak, 169 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol.



3 responses

14 03 2011

I love this place! The food is fantastic, the staff are lovely and friendly, and the garden is a hidden treasure of Gloucester Rd! There’s no shortage of cafes about, but this one is really something special.

19 03 2011
theodore T

iwent there last week n was surprised by the gaarden too, its like an nchanted get away from the poloution of working life.
p.s. the service was grand

2 08 2011

I go with my partner to the cafe pretty much everyday and have got to know the staff, they are all very friendly, the serive is the best I’ve had and the food it great, out of all the cafe’s on this road, I would ALWAYS recommend here!

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