Cafe Kino

3 01 2011

What do you get if you cross this:









…with this?




















This is the new Cafe Kino. It’s the same not-for-profit cooperative as before, but at the end of last year Cafe Kino moved from its old home on Nine Tree Hill to a prime new location just over the road on Stokes Croft.

Calling it a squeeze inside the old Cafe Kino was something of an understatement. Their new home is spacious, light and airy with a huge floor-to-ceiling window looking out over Stokes Croft and up Nine Tree Hill to their former home, which now has the old Nanny’s House Restaurant sign above its front door.

The aim of the inspiring group of volunteers behind Cafe Kino is “to continue developing the cafe as an inspiring community space and focus for independent cultural and political activity”.

They host regular meetings and events and are always open to interesting ideas. There are plenty of events planned for this month, including a “vegan emporium” on Saturday the 8th and the Jeffrey Lewis and Pete Stampell Folk Band on Saturday the 22nd in the spacious downstairs area with a raised stage.

Upstairs, you can now see the wonderful vegan and vegetarian food being prepared in the open kitchen at the back of the room. The menu includes Thai curry, dahl, moussaka, falafel and the famous Kino burger. You will walk away with change from a fiver for most of what’s on offer.

Ambitious plans are afoot for Cafe Kino this year in their new home. The premises may be different but Cafe Kino retains its joyful spirit of independence and free-thinking.

Cafe Kino, 128 Stokes Croft, Bristol.



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4 01 2011
Martin Freye

Can I get steak and chips?

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