The Last Bookshop

2 02 2011

A new book shop has opened on Park Street. The Last Bookshop, now open next to Boston Tea Party, has found an empty shop with a low rent and sells every book for £2. It is the latest bit of exciting book news in Bristol to happen in less than a week, following swiftly on the heels of Foyles announcing they are to open a new shop in Quakers Friars in March.

The Last Bookshop is a different entity entirely from the traditional high street book shop. To offer books at such low prices, there are no new titles or current bestsellers, but on a visit yesterday there was still plenty of choice, with everything from Philip Pullman and Tony Parson novels, Keith Floyd’s autobiography and weighty art and architecture tomes.

There are also those DVDs that you only see in motorway service stations: Tractors of Yesteryear and Neil Sedaka in concert were two of the particular gems I found.

The new shop is from a team who already have two Last Booskshops in Oxford and also run a wholesale business, Pumpkin Wholesale, selling nearly-new, so-called “remainder” books, to other retailers and directly to customers via online sites such as Amazon.

It’s a tough marketplace out there, and the team behind The Last Bookshop – a name which is a tongue-in-cheek rebuke to those who thought books would become obsolete due to the internet – have a tough job on their hands. Whatever happens, however, there will hopefully always be people out there wanting to buy books.



4 responses

4 02 2011
Nose in a book

Oh, that sounds very good indeed, except in terms of my attempts to not buy new books 🙂

8 02 2011
Rohit Barot

Unsatisfactory site without a telephone number or indication of opening times. Hope you can please mend this.


14 02 2011

Opening times are
9-7 Monday to Saturday
10 – 6 Sundays

15 02 2011
Rohit Barot

Dear Cosmonaut,

Thanks a lot for the information. I have found some very interesting titles at the bookshop. I am sure readers appreciate buying titles at £ 2 each. This is quite amazing. I will never understand the economics of it but I am sure there some money in it if you already have two bookshops in Oxford one here in Bristol. I hope the Last Bookshop will be there on Park Street for some time to come. Thanks a lot.

– Rohit

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