Hooper House Cafe

10 02 2011

With all the changes happening on a seemingly daily basis on Stokes Croft – the latest is the news that Bristol City Council is thinking of slapping a compulsory purchase order on Westmoreland House – it is easy to forget that this key route into the city centre is steeped in history.

As a reminder of that history, the former Kuvuka Cafe has renamed itself Hooper House. The feel of the cafe remains very much the same, as do most of the staff.

(The illustration to the right by the way is by Adrian Barclay, an artist working out of the Spike Island studios.)

But the name is a reminder of what this building used to be, when the Carriage Works directly opposite still made carriages and this road was full of traditional businesses.

Hooper House takes its name from a previous occupant of 113 Stokes Croft, WJ Hooper’s fish and poultry market, here at the beginning of the last century. A black and white photo near the bar shows Stokes Croft in all its centuries-old glory, with this building pride of place.

I was tempted into the cafe yesterday morning after by their current special offer of a coffee for £1 before 11am, shortly exploring the soon-to-be Runcible Spoon on nearby Nine Tree Hill . Their coffees are both very good and also Rainforest Alliance certified, just another reason to visit a Stokes Croft business with a forward-thinking attitude but also a strong sense of the area’s history.

Hooper House, 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol. 0117 329 0256.




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