The Truth About Love

3 03 2011

Among all the excitement last month about the release of Never Let Me Go, set in  Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare, Venue magazine’s film editor Robin Askew presented a very interesting run-down of dozens of films set in Bristol and the surrounding area. The film that he said showed Bristol off best in recent years was The Truth About Love.

So for research purposes, I visited 20th Century Flicks to hire The Truth About Love – incidentally the same shop that Jennifer Love Hewitt visits briefly in the film to get out a few dirty videos.

The basic premise of the 2007 film is that a wife is trying to win back her cheating love rat husband, but ends up falling for his best friend. It’s rubbish, had a very limited release, but it has one redeeming feature: unlike other films that only feature Bristol in a few scenes, The Truth About Love is in Bristol from the first frame outside the Quinton House pub to the last frame on the platform at Temple Meads.

One of the most intriguing locations used is the Benjamin Perry boathouse, the site of the Mi Casa pop-up restaurant last month. In the film, it is the flat of Dougray Scott’s character, outside which he restores a sailing boat that we later see on the Floating Harbour.

A strangely pedestrianised Suspension Bridge keeps on cropping up, as does The Paragon in Clifton, where Love Hewitt and her husband Jimi Mistry live. Mistry is a lawyer, representing Simon Webbe from boyband Blue in “Bristol High Court”, actually Central Library.

As the turgid dialogue and lazy plotting continued, I busied myself spotting other Bristol locations which included St Mary Redcliffe, The Grove, the Thekla, Severnshed, Christmas Steps (below), the Avon Gorge and the Nova Scotia pub.

The Truth About Love is a rom-com that is neither romantic nor funny, but if you want to see recognisable locations in almost every shot, it’s highly recommended.



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