Marco’s Olive Branch

29 05 2011

If you don’t mind, please take a look at the photograph below of Marco’s Olive Branch. I know that it was taken by yours truly, but I have long thought that Victoria Street contains some of the most picturesque views in Bristol. This Italian restaurant can count itself fortunate to be positioned between two of Bristol’s most historic pubs, the King’s Head and the Shakespeare, and in front of Temple Gardens and Church, Bristol’s very own leaning tower.

Unfortunately, this small area is about as beautiful as Victoria Street gets, but thank goodness that at least a bit of history remains here untouched by German bombs.

If you’re lucky, from the huge windows of Marco’s Olive Branch you will have a view of the old buildings, but more likely you will be looking across the road to the hideously drab Transport House and the Transport & General building next door. Cross your fingers that there will be a tree in the way.

Or face into the restaurant and play spot-the-old-black-and-white-film-star on one wall of the first floor dining room, spread around the famous Trevi fountain scene from La Dolce Vita – a hangover from this restaurant’s previous existence as Dolce Vita. I recognised Dean, Monroe and Hepburn but embarrassingly few others. Perhaps because I was too busy enjoying my seafood pizza and trying to avoid the view of the buildings opposite.

When chef-owner Marco Olivieri took over this site in March, he gave it an authentically Sardinian feel. His touch is all over the menu, with the agnello della mama Elena described as “one of my favourite dishes, always cooked by my mother back in Sardinia”.

Starters range from £4.75 prawns to £8.15 duck breasts, there are the the Italian staples of pizza, pasta and risotto, and for the more adventurous an a la carte selection which includes escalopes for £10.95 and prime fillet for £17.95.

My seafood pizza was piled high with prawns, anchovies, mussels and more and was washed down by a cool glass of Peroni before I had to rush off to see a gig at the Fleece just around the corner.

Marco’s Olive Branch is one of the best Italians in Bristol city centre. Enjoy the view.

Marco’s Olive Branch, 76 Victoria Street, Bristol. 0117 922 6688.



4 responses

29 05 2011
greedy rosie

Wow, been so long since I’ve been so far down, that I hadn’t noticed the change of hands. I’m yet to be convinced about the picturescue-ness(?) of even that part of the road, but the food sounds good 🙂

29 05 2011
Emma Woodhouse

Have been meaning to try this place ever since it opened & will definitely put it on the list after your recommendation.

19 09 2011
bristol pizza

it is realy authentic italian restaurant in Bristol

20 03 2013
Howard P. Kim

I own a ceramic plate that has a stamp on the bottom center that. says
“MARCO” with two cross olive branches. The top of the plate is compartmented with olive branches painted all over. The plate also has
a three-ringed silver painted handle fired in the top center. Are you or the
restaurant in any way related to this plate. I am trying to get this plate appraised, but am having a difficult time trying to find anything like this on the

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