Review: 2.8 Hours Later 2011

31 05 2011

Running, dodging, leaping, crawling, falling. Just some of the skills you need to escape from a zombie infestation in Bristol. 2.8 Hours Later was back in town this year as part of igfest, the Incredible Games Festival, and like last year’s adventure it was both absorbing and heart-pumpingly thrilling.

For those who did not see human beings chased through the streets of Bristol over the weekend, the premise is simple: escape the zombies and find the other survivors. To do this you needed a map, a good set of lungs, and help from a series of actor-participants along the way.

We started in St Nic’s Market and were then given a grid reference on our map in order to find the next rendezvous point. The first zombies appeared within seconds along Corn Street, tragically infecting Kristan, one of our group who from then on courageously acted as a human shield in Queen Square, Castle Park and various other locations which saw zombies roaming freely.

Our first encounter with a fellow survivor was in a deserted shop on Redcliff Hill. (Thank goodness for the recession because these deserted shops became very useful as part of the game)

We were then sent to the church next to the Fleece where there was a shrine to all the people who had gone missing, many of whom were quite possibly our pursuers, some much quicker than others, but all terrifying in their own ways.

Screams often led us to our destinations, in particular an old building in the corner of Castle Park where a doctor was chain-sawing something that was definitely more animal than mineral, blood spurting everywhere.

There were zombies around every corner but I managed to make my way to the bridge into the Galleries shopping centre, having to wait several minutes for the rest of my team to regroup and learning that we had another infected member, Vicky, who also somehow managed to scrape nipple on concrete in a fall/slide. She was okay for now, but little did she know her fate when we were decontaminated at the old Coroners Court in Stokes Croft.

Running around the Galleries, up and down stairs and escalators, trying to find some medicine and avoid the lurking zombies, was the best part of the evening. It was here that I had my own fall, ignoring the pleas of the organisers not to feel invincible and falling over onto my knees trying to run up a down escalator.

Escaping from the Galleries into Broadmead was a difficult challenge, but nothing prepared us for the trip to the Coroners Court after an encounter with a vagrant and a wounded couple in the Bear Pit. I had never seen so many zombies in one place. After an aborted attempt at making a rocket launcher out of thin air, I let my friend Lucy make the first move and then sprinted after her, leaping over two low walls in the process like Colin Jackson in the 110-metre hurdles.

We had made it to safety inside, and as the photo below proves, Lucy, Sharon and I had made it unscathed, after another epic evening’s entertainment where Bristol itself had become our playground for the night.



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8 06 2011

I LOVE this photo!

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