Bristol 0117 Hour Film Challenge winners

27 06 2011

Spotting a Bristol location on the big or small screen gets me rather overexcited, and is the only reason why I watch Skins anymore or sat through the rubbish romcom that was The Truth About Love. So it was like all my Christmases had come early on Friday at M Shed as more than 30 short films were screened, each one using Bristol as a location.

The occasion was the 0117 Hour Film Challenge, organised by the team behind the Encounters Film Festival, which saw groups of filmmakers both amateur and professional given less than four days to produce a two and a half minute film based in and focused on Bristol to mark the opening of M Shed.

Among some of the films that stuck most in the memory were a recreation of the audacious theft of Alfred the Gorilla from the City Museum, revealed last year to be a student prank; a caveman’s hallucinatory trip that saw him flash to visions of Bristol in the present day; and a moving documentary about Andy from who belongs to the Bristol Blind Bowling Club.

One of my favourites was an animation, showing a bus careening down Park Street during World War Two and featuring the modern-day recollections of one of its passengers. It was witty and dramatic, with the delightful reminiscences of the old lady matching the delightful animation, a real achievement considering the time animations usually take to make. Watch it online here.

There was even one 3D film shown after the screenings on a television in the corner, which I unfortunately didn’t manage to see but which deserves to be commended for its audacity.

Locations spotted included M Shed in all its shininess, the Floating Harbour, city centre fountains, Lloyds amphitheatre, the Avon Gorge and the Suspension Bridge (obvs).

The winning entry was the charming story of two bicycles falling in love, with some mild flirtation taking place around the columns at the front of the Victoria Rooms and a climactic scene of a tyre inflating as their love is consummated on what looks like Brandon Hill. Made by The Village Bicycles (below), who received a cheque for £1,000, it was a worthy winner, gloriously original and utterly charming.

The films entered in the competition now form part of M Shed’s permanent collection. They will all be shown on the Millennium Square big screen during the Harbour Festival on Saturday, July 30. The plan is then to put the films online.



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