See No Evil, before and after

23 08 2011

Nelson Street is buzzing like never before. Thanks to See No Evil, it is full of people, full of chatter and full of colour. Looking at the graffiti art now filling the buildings along the road, it can be difficult to remember just what was here before. These before and after photographs of an event which has brought international attention to Bristol might help jog your memory:

Pandas by Cheo: Monster by Mysterious Al:


Mr Wany:

Whale by Limited Press: Work on left wall by Ian Boyd Walker (, Dylan Shipley (, Oxygen and Nikki.



3 responses

23 08 2011
See no Evil (2) « Shot by both sides

[…] with huge murals/ paintings, which you can see on the See No Evil flickr site or here are some before and after shots. But this is my favourite collection of photos (and not just because I know the […]

24 08 2011

Totally incoherent. Still an eyesore.

30 08 2011
Bristol Clifton Hotels

It’s interesting to see graffiti like this popping up around the country, and even close to home, in Bristol. There was a feature about a castle in Scotland that has undergone a similar ‘makeover’ / ‘make under’ however you see it!

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