Pub of the week: The Lazy Dog

26 10 2011

It’s amazing who you can bump into in a Bristol pub. I was having a quiet drink with my friend Kirsty in the Lazy Dog in Ashley Down on Saturday afternoon, and as we were on our way out she introduced me to a colleague who was sitting near the main entrance enjoying his pint over a newspaper.

It turned out that Adam, who now works as study centre manager at Bristol Rovers, used to run a record label for Damian Hirst, and worked closely with him as he and his friend Keith Allen from the Groucho Club, where they all used to drink, released Vindaloo by Fat Les before the 1998 World Cup.

Now is the time that a review such as this would usually segue into the fact that vindaloo is on the menu here at the Lazy Dog, owned by the team behind The Pipe and Slippers on Cheltenham Road and The Windmill in Windmill Hill.

Unfortunately, however, although not for those of a more delicate palate, the Lazy Dog’s food offerings are resolutely British.

The drinks selection is more out there than the food, which includes Tom’s Pies and pub grub such as burgers and Sunday roasts.

I was mightily pleased that my initial flirtation with Rioja cask cider from Millwhites brewery only lasted for a few tasting sips. This is one cider not for the faint-hearted.

Orchard Pig became my cider of choice therefore by default after politely declining a full pint from the Hertfordshire brewery who use Somerset apples.

The ales selection was Bath Ales Gem, Pontypridd Chestnut Red, Bristol Beer Factory Sunrise and Ascot Ales’ On the Rails. Posh continental lagers on tap were Bitburger and Weihenstephan, also favourites at the Windmill.

Events are always taking place at the Lazy Dog, from knitting with Dropped Stitch on the first and third Thursdays of the month, to the North Bristol Art Group every Tuesday, both in the upstairs room. You’ll never know who you might bump into.

The Lazy Dog, 112 Ashley Down Road, Bristol. 0117 924 4809.



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