An Alphabet for Bristol

17 11 2011

An Alphabet for Bristol by photographer Clare Swayne is one of those ideas that you wish you could have come up with. It’s so simple, taking each letter of the alphabet and combining it with a familiar and sometimes not so familiar bit of Bristol, from an Arnos Vale angel to Bristol Zoo.

“My aim with the alphabet was to illustrate some of the colour and mix of what makes Bristol such an exciting and vibrant place to be,” says Clare, who lives in Bishopston.

“Bristol is an amazing city to live in. It is diverse and full of life and loved by locals and visitors alike.  So, to show my appreciation of the Bristol I know, I have created this alphabet which shows some of the colour and mix of what makes it such a great place.

“It’s an Alphabet for Bristol, not of Bristol and I hope others who love the city as much as I do will love this alphabet too.”

Another of Clare’s bright ideas is to be able to personalise each design, so you can put any photo you choose within the alphabet, perhaps a face or two or a favourite place.

Clare’s business Snappy Families sees her specialise in taking family photos, although she admits that taking photographs for her alphabets is starting to take over, with London and Bath in the pipeline. She is also a French and Spanish teacher.

An Alphabet For Bristol is available online from Snappy Families, and from Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, the M Shed, Tourist Information Office, Iota on the Gloucesster Road and Amulet on Cotham Hill. It will also be for sale at the Made in Bristol Gift Fair at the Colston Hall on December 10.



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19 11 2011
My Little Discoveries

This is funny, I had this idea for the blog as well (see My pictures were not all about Bristol but I really enjoyed doing it ;o)

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