Electric December 2011

1 12 2011

Have you got your Advent calendar yet? Chocolate or traditional? Whatever tickles your fancy. If not, head over to the Watershed website for their annual online Advent calendar, Electric December, which also acts as an end of year showcase of young creative talent.

In partnership with the Bristol Encounters International Film Festival and Bristol City Council as part of Fresh Flix 2011, there will be 24 eclectic and original short films made by filmmakers across Europe, shown every day from today until Christmas Eve.

You could find yourself in an animated Bangladeshi folktale, a Bristol boxing gym, drifting in the clouds with a caterpillar or back at school in a detention with a difference.

This year’s 13th annual Electric December has been shaped by students from several schools in the Bristol area, Fairfield High, Redland Green, Henbury and Katharine Lady Berkeley, many of who will be at the Watershed tonight for its official launch.

The students, aged 14 to 15, working behind the scenes, playing a vital role and at the same time gaining experience of working on a live project with tight deadlines.

“It’s wonderful to see diverse groups of students from different schools pull together to produce a creative project like this,” says Fairfield High School’s media studies teacher, Andy Gove

“They have really been inspired by working with Watershed – it’s incredible what can be achieved when working in partnership with media professionals. This invaluable experience generated by Fairfield’s ongoing partnership with Watershed has again allowed our young people to be involved with producing a real live industry event.”

Hannah Higginson, Watershed’s engagement projects producer, says that the contributions of the Bristol students, some of who are pictured below, as well as those of all the filmmakers involved in the project, continue to make Electric December an important showcase for the wealth of film talent emerging from Bristol and beyond.

She says: “I’m deeply impressed by the quality of short films on offer. It is a real pleasure to work with this talented bunch of Bristol teenagers. Their enthusiasm and fresh perspective help make Electric December what it is, an ever-popular fixture in Watershed’s busy calendar.”

To view this year’s Electric December, visit electricdecember.org/11/.



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