Museum Show Part 2, Arnolfini

9 12 2011

The final exhibition in Bristol as part of the Arnolfini’s 50th anniversary programme begins today. Museum Show Part 2 is the second chapter of Museum Show which came to the Arnolfini earlier this year, a historical survey of museums created by artists.

Museum Show features “a selection of these highly idiosyncratic, semi-fictional institutions – a ‘museum of museums’ perhaps”.

Museums featured are the Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind (imagined by artist Khalil Rabah), Danger Museum (Øyvind Renberg & Miho Shimizu), The Museum of American Art, Museo Salinas (Vicente Razo), Museum of Non-Participation (Karen Mirza & Brad Butler), Museum of Television Culture (Jaime Davidovich), Victoria and Alferd Museum (Åbäke), Hu Xiangqian’s Museum (Hu Xiangqian), Museum of Forgotten History (Maarten Vanden Eynde) and Museum of Incest (Simon Fujiwara).

While the Museum of American Art charts the dominance of American art and ideologies from the 50s and 60s in Europe, the Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind reconsiders the “ethnographic” framings of non-Western cultures in museums, and the Museo Salinas features “a baroque and delirious collection of Mexican memorabilia” – plastic toys, piñatas, masks, stickers, clothing, and other items related to the controversial image of Mexico’s ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, derided for his corruption.



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