100 days of Occupy Bristol

20 01 2012

On Sunday, January 22, 2012, the Occupy Bristol camp will have been on College Green for 100 days. That’s if they are still there by then, as bailiffs could be sent in any day now to evict the camp, with some members promising to follow council advice and leave under their own steam, while others vow to “try and resist the unlawful eviction of College Green”.

These photographs were taken by Bristol photographer Lisa Furness who spent November last year visiting Occupy sites across the UK and talking to protesters.

In April and May, Lisa is planning to hold a series of installations and guerilla galleries showing people’s experiences of the Occupy movement in an event that she wants to be “collaborative, organic and surprising”.

If you have been involved with the Occupy movement anywhere in the world, Lisa wants some of your experiences. She needs images, text, audio and video files to create the installations from.

Email occupationinstallation@gmail.com or visit www.occupationinstallation.org.



One response

20 01 2012

ah Jesus, I’m really feeling my age now… I looked at those pictures and the first thing I thought was “that grass is gonna need re-seeding after they leave”


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