‘The last vestiges of the dark dockside’

7 02 2012

“Any tourist or visitor to Welsh Back today must wonder what sort of an era they are entering when seeing the sheds occupying such an important corner site, looking so decrepit, derelict and graffiti and litter ridden. They conceal the historical value and magic of this part of the city and appear to be a huge blot on the landscape.

“There are complaints that the area already promotes the wrong sort of clientèle during late evenings. Are people really surprised that bad buildings attract bad behaviour?”

So says Malcolm Wilcox, managing director of Cordwell, a property firm with a £7m plan to redevelop two former warehouses at the Redcliffe side of Welsh Back.

“I was a student in the city in 1968 and I recall what Welsh Back was like in those days,” Wilcox told the Evening Post. “As a city you have improved the area with great vitality but these two buildings are the last vestiges of the dark dockside.”

Cordwell Property, already appointed by Bristol City Council to develop this half of Welsh Back, claim to be in the process of signing up two restaurants as their first lettings.

Negotiations are currently underway for an Italian restaurant, “dedicated to providing authentic Italian dishes that offer a true taste of Italy”, and a “premium brasserie serving seasonal modern British food in laid back, lived-in surroundings”.

This is an artist’s impression of what O Shed might look like if plans are approved:

And here’s what the new development could look like from Redcliffe Way:



One response

7 02 2012
Tom F

Just what Bristol needs – losing some of its heritage and gaining another restaurant.

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