Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company

11 02 2012

I have to admit that it was with some misgivings that I made my way to St Anne’s for lunch at Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company. One, I had never before intentionally been to St Anne’s, an area of Bristol that I vouch many people who have lived here all their lives would struggle to find on a map. And two, I had reservations about this new restaurant using the word ‘gourmet’ in their name, specifically because I have never before encountered a gourmet restaurant offering up an eating challenge.

The challenge is as follows: “Within one hour you will need to take down our 4.5lb beast of a burger, all the fries and our slaw side, everything on the board must go”. Since opening in December, only one person has completed the challenge, getting his £15 back, winning a t-shirt and having the honour of seeing his name on the Wall of Fame.

There was no way I was going to try the eating challenge. I may literally have been eating the Beast until the next morning such is my lack of anything approaching food consumption at speed.

Any doubts I initially harboured about Warren’s soon evaporated, however, when I walked through the doors. I was warmly greeted, shown to a seat that was thankfully by a radiator (one gripe is that it was jacket-on temperature even inside), and invited to peruse the menu, which on a weekday is a fantastically good value £5.95 for a burger, chips, coleslaw and soft drink. All burgers are flamegrilled and cooked to order, served on a slab of wood in a lightly crisped bun.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen could learn a few things from Tom Warren, who used to run burger vans across Bristol before opening his first permanent outlet.

Unlike GBK, WGBC do not serve their burgers piled high, apart from the Beast of course. For my appetite, their size is perfectly judged and also not so packed to cause the entire contents to spill out after the first bite.

I chose a Warren’s Special, beefburger with black pudding, sweet balsamic onions and crispy bacon. Very good it was too, the unusual combinations of flavours working surprisingly well together.

Beefburgers are king here, but there are also lamb, chicken and pork burgers, even veggie burgers. Beefburgers include fresh chilli cheese, honey and mustard, curry, and Mexican. In the evening, a meal costs £7.95, with doubling up on the burgers costing £2. Drinks are BYO, with a Haagen-Dazs-branded fridge the only sign of desserts.

If a new Indian takeaway had opened here on Wootton Road, on a small parade of shops which also features a Chinese and a shop selling fishing tackle and pet supplies, nobody would have batted an eyelid.

Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company is a different proposition entirely, and if you can find St Anne’s on a map you will discover burgers here that can lay claim to being the best in Bristol.

Warren’s Gourmet Burger Company, 8 Wootton Road, St Anne’s, Bristol. 977 0864.




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25 05 2012
fishing tackle

MMMMM burgers!!! Hungry now!!

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