Review: Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals

15 02 2012

“Kid Carpet? Never heard of him.” So say many of the animals who Kid Carpet meets in his children’s show, playing throughout February half-term at the Brewery Theatre. If you have heard of Kid Carpet, but don’t have a youngster to take with you, probably best to wait for one of his proper grown-up gigs.

For those with a little person, however, if you have heard of the Bristol electo-pioneer or not, take them by the hand to North Street. You will have a brilliant time, even singing songs together about whether you have the gumption to do a poo in the woods.

Despite being aimed at ages three to eight, following its early outing at the Cube last year, my 12-month-old daughter has now seen this show twice. If she could talk, she would tell you that she loves it. Especially the packing up at the conclusion. She also loves putting away her toys in a toy box, but hers doesn’t contain the delightful surprise that Kid Carpet’s box contains.

The story of Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals is loose, but who cares? Suffice to say, Kid Carpet features in security guard, rock star and jovial raconteur roles. There are also animals, and they are indeed noisy.

With the help of a video camera, models and stop-motion animation that Aardman would be proud of, we follow Mr Carpet, aka Ed Patrick, on a journey with his animal friends through the woods to take part in a dance contest.

Along the way there are songs about g-g-g-g-gorillas, bears in baths, mute hedgehogs, toy instrument swapping with carefree abandon, and a final dance contest to get the young audience on their feet and grooving.

The show was formed out of the songs that Patrick naturally made up when his son was born, as many parents do, from walking down the road to putting socks and shoes on.

His stated aim was to make “some kind of performance theatre rockshow cinema almagamation, something more than just a music gig for kids”. And he definitely succeeds; my daughter could tell you that (once again, if she could talk).

Despite Kid Carpet professing in the programme to know “nothing about theatre, children’s theatre, children’s music, and their audiences and markets”, this is a hugely enjoyable and inventive show. Kid Carpet. Remember the name.

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals is at the Brewery Theatre until February 18. Click here for more information. And visit for all things Kid Carpet.



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15 02 2012

Let it be known….that is a nice review. thank you *kc

16 02 2012
Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals «

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16 02 2012
Chloe Lee

I wish I knew a little person to take with me! I love Kid Carpet!

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