Not a good day to be a criminal in Bristol

8 03 2012

More than 200 people were arrested in the Bristol area yesterday as part of Operation Relentless, which saw more than 1000 police and civilian staff from Avon & Somerset Constabulary “meeting criminals head-on” in the largest Operation Relentless to have taken place since its launch in 2005.

From early morning to late last night, the force’s corporate communications team were live tweeting the operation as it unfolded. Unfortunately, despite a good start, the comms team didn’t upload many photos as morning progressed into afternoon and evening. Nevertheless, here are some highlights from the @ASPoliceLive Twitter account:

8.44am: Officers being briefed ahead of a series of drug raids across Bristol

8.46am: In the van on the way to a drug warrant in Bristol

9.03am: Officers brace the door before smashing it in

12.32pm: Arrived at the next warrant in Bristol. Lots of suspected stolen goods including 20 sat navs.

3.46pm: Officers on an arrest

7.39pm: Police horses Beaufort & Lewis with riders PCs Francis & Snow are patrolling tonight



3 responses

8 03 2012

The proof of the pudding of course is in the convictions, not in the number of arrests. If they secure few convictions then a high number of arrests must be a bad thing because that means they arrested a lot of innocent people.
@BristolCulture, will you be able to follow this up in a couple of months with some figures on how many of the 180 were charged and how many convicted?

8 03 2012

Number of arrests has now been updated to more than 200:

I imagine that Bristol Magistrates’ Court will be a very busy place today. Unfortunately, I can’t make it over there today, but that will be the place to be to see how many of those arrested yesterday are charged, or bumped up to Crown Court if more serious.

8 03 2012

well that’ll put prices up. cheers Rozzer 😛

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