Mayfest 2012: The Furies, Old Vic Studio

20 05 2012

Loud, creepy, sexy, disconcerting, weird and wonderful, The Furies put on quite a show, what their publicity material describe as “a theatrical rock gig to get sweaty to”. They are three women, part of the Birmingham-based Kindle Theatre. We are their audience. And accompanied by a drummer and guitarist, the show happens around us.

If there is a narrative, it is one of torment; of a woman scorned. It’s two against one, as the pair of strongest women pick on the weaker individual.

Leaving the three stages at the edges of a Bristol Old Vic Studio where the seating has been taken away, the three women wander among their crowd as the band plays on, jostling and confronting.

Singing and screaming like wailing banshees, with a f-f-f-f-f-funny way of pronouncing their words, this is an eery show, not the faint-hearted.

It was a blessed relief when the doors were opened and the relatively normality of The Blind Tiger in the Old Vic basement awaited.



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