Review: Ed Sheeran, The Fleece

23 05 2012

Ed Sheeran will headline festival stages this summer, so to see him play the Fleece made for a very special occasion. All the more so due to the fact that the majority of people in the crowd were there because they had raised at least £125 for Bristol charity One25, supporting women trapped in sex work.

Sheeran’s breakthrough song, The A Team, may have a jolly beat, but listen to the lyrics and it’s about long nights and strange men.

The 21-year-old told us that it was written after an evening working at a Crisis shelter, so he is able to appreciate more than most the fantastic work that One25 does.

“I see this less of a headline gig, and more of a ‘have fun gig,'” Sheeran told us towards the beginning of his set.

He certainly made sure it was lots of fun for a crowd all of who knew his songs, and some of who loved him so much that they handed him specially-made books and showed him their tattoos of the ‘+’ symbol, the name of his debut album.

Sheeran used to be a guitar technician for Nizlopi, and that band’s lead singer Luke Concannon, last seen in Bristol at last year’s Folk Festival, was the support for this gig, finishing his own set by singing JCB in the middle of the crowd.

And it was in the middle of the crowd that Sheeran also ended up, stood on a stool alongside Concannon, the chance to see the whites of the eyes of a ginger-haired troubadour who can sell out stadiums, but for one night only was playing an extra special gig in Bristol.

Ed Sheeran, Luke Concannon and members of staff from One25



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