Mayfest 2012: Small Talk, Brewery Theatre

26 05 2012

Small Talk is a one-woman show that features many women. “The women are all me and they are not me,” says our one-woman star Antonia Grove. “They are themselves and they are not themselves. Who knows.” This is dance theatre with music from Status Quo to Four Tet and deceptively simple lighting.

There is transformation after transformation as Grove swaps wigs, shoes and clothes to fully become her characters, the most memorable of which are a number of ingenues giving gushing acceptance speeches and interviews.

With an arch of her back, a flick of the hair and a glint in her eye, not forgetting her long legs which she crosses one-way and then the other, it is virtually impossible to take your eyes off Grove, who the Observer recently named as one of the UK’s top twentysomething over-achievers.

Directed and choreographed by Wendy Houseman, Small Talk was originally a short piece which thankfully was seen as worth extending.

Grove has a rare ability to inhabit characters but then flip expectations with contemporary dance often the bridge between women.

This mistress of disguise will set your pulses racing.




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