Mayfest 2012: The Articulate Hand

27 05 2012

Giving Andrew Dawson a rousing round of applause at the conclusion of The Articulate Hand in the Bristol Old Vic Studio, and now tapping away with my fingers on the keys of my laptop as I write this review, I have never appreciated my hands so much. This is what Dawson brings to this show, part science lecture, part theatre, part mime, employing his own hands as dancers.

Along the way he introduces us to those who have had movement to their hands restricted, through accident, stroke or illness. Dawson becomes them, showing us in the most memorable example how a young girl paralysed after hitting her head at the bottom of a swimming pool, now controls her hands by moving her left shoulder which sends electrical impulses to open and close her right fist.

The Articulate Hand was an absolutely fascinating hour, moving and illuminating. I shall never take my hands for granted again.



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