Bristol Good Food Awards 2012 winners

4 07 2012

The Pump House was last night declared Bristol’s best restaurant in the inaugural Bristol Good Food Awards, with the winners presented with their prizes at an awards ceremony held in the sumptuous surroundings of the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.

The other major award went to Louise McCrimmon from the Second Floor Restaurant at Harvey Nichols as best chef, while both Rosemarino and The Town House took home two gongs.

The ceremony was hosted by Angela Mount, whose tastebuds may have been insured for £10m by former employees Somerfield, but with her constant shushing seemed more like a bossy headmistress than awards host.

“It’s fitting that we finally have a showcase for what we enjoy every day,” Angela said, before the awards ceremony began, featuring 92 shortlisted food businesses and almost as many categories as the Grammys.

Here are the winners:

Best restaurant: The Pump House (right)

Best chef: Louise McCrimmon, Second Floor Restaurant

Best newcomer: The Gallimaufry

Best fine dine wine list: Hotel Du Vin

Best wine list: Flinty Red

Best Italian: Rosemarino

Best British: The Town House

Best French: Bell’s Diner

Best overall Asian: Surakhan

Best Indian: Kohi Noor

Best Chinese: Mayflower

Best seafood: Rockfish Grill

Best pub food: The Kensington Arms

Best Sunday lunch: The Town House

Best family friendly: The Swan Hotel (Almondsbury)

Best chain: Côte

Best al fresco: Riverstation

Best vegetarian: Maitreya Social

Best buffet: Shanghai Nights

Best burger: Warren’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Best cafe food: A Cappella

Best deli: Arch House Deli

Best breakfast: Rosemarino

Best supporter of local produce: The Ethicurean



11 responses

4 07 2012

Guess I should move north of the river then…

4 07 2012

Pff, the Kohi Noor is really not that great and neither was my experience in Cote. Quite surprised there are no Michelin stars in the list.

I don’t want to question the legitimacy here but with the odd exception, that does just look like a list of friends.

4 07 2012

Well done Rosemarino, well deserved and great recognition. #coteBestBristolChain?!!!

4 07 2012

Yes, well done Rosemarino! But a few curious winners – The Swan Hotel? And why an award for best chain? Josh, I think you’re quite right to question the awards legitimacy. But well done all to all of the winners anyway. We’re becoming spoilt for choice ion Bristol for great places to eat out.

4 07 2012
Lido Bristol (@lidobristol)

Congratulations to all winners, especially our friends at Rosemarino. Disappointed that we did not compete but proud to be in the mix with great Bristol offering.

4 07 2012

As one of the organisers of the Bristol Good Food Awards, I take great exception to anyone questioning the legitimacy of the awards. Two points:

1) Restaurants made it onto the shortlist by public vote.
2) Restaurants on the shortlist were then judged by an independent panel of food experts.

It’s hard to imagine how they could have been more independent – but then if a personal favourite doesn’t win, it’s difficult to understand that other people may not agree, I suppose.

Regarding the category for Best Chain – why not? Chain restaurants are as much a part of Bristol’s food industry as any other, and some that began as local chains of just one establishment are now national institutions.

4 07 2012

Rudy, fair points. But I do take umbrage at the phrase “food experts” when you talk about the judges. Writers for the Telegraph and Guardian; most certainly. Food bloggers? Certainly not. Self-appointed food experts more like. And I disagree with your points about chain restaurants. They may be within the city, but in no way are they an integral part of its food industry. They take business away from worthy independents and that should not be celebrated.

5 07 2012

So judges were given a free meal and restaurants etc knew they were coming:

What a joke! These awards have no credibility.

5 07 2012

Yes, restaurants knew that judges were coming – they had to agree to be involved in the judging process. And every establishment involved provided a free meal and soft drinks – otherwise to organise fair judging would have been financially impossible. But as the establishments did not know when judging would happen, and judges revealed themselves at the end of the meal, every establishment was judged equally.

It’s a pity that you think that means the awards have no credibility, but it’s unclear why.

5 07 2012

That’s fair enough, you are entitled to your view Bob. We took the view that food bloggers were an important part of the city’s food scene, and should be both supported by and involved in the awards. They made up four members of a panel of twelve, which I don’t think is disproportionate.

6 07 2012

Chains in Bristol inc Thali, Gusto, Delight until Glo’Ro shut, Planet Pizza, Coffee #1… All local and independent, no? But still chains…..

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