Anouk Mercier at Antlers Gallery

6 07 2012

Bristol artist Anouk Mercier presents a new body of work at the Antlers Gallery, the roving gallery founded in Bristol that recently made its first trip to London but returns to the city from today until the end of this month at 6 Philadelphia Street in Quakers Friars.

According to the organisers of the show, which is called Excursus, it “offers an invitation to escape and to stray through unfamiliar settings, which inspire both wonder and unease”.

The exhibition will showcase drawing, airbrush and acetone transfer works from an artist who since graduating from UWE in 2008 has co-founder the Bristol Drawing Club and tutors at the Bristol Drawing School.

In 2011, Anouk won the RWA Emerging Artist of the Year Award and she is currently working on a piece commissioned for Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

Back to the Antlers organisers, who say that “Anouk’s drawings combine elements of myth, references to antique images and pieces of the natural world to depict melancholic landscapes and characters.

“Relying on the nostalgia of Romanticism, her work addresses a contemporary resurgence in the need for escapism through the imaginary. Excursus reveals a series of works, each appearing as visual fragments of a greater, obscured narrative.”

Excurses is at Antlers Gallery, Philadelphia Street, Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol, until July 29.

For more information, visit and



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