Fun and games in the Olympic Village

10 07 2012

When the first athletes arrive in the Olympic Village over the next few days, they will find plenty there to occupy them in their free time between training and competing, with much of the best fun provided by Home Leisure Direct, a company based just outside Bristol specialising in pool and snooker tables.

It’s the kind of entertainment well-known from the games rooms of the multi-million pound homes owned by assorted rock stars and footballers seen in Cribs on MTV, with Home Leisure Direct also providing the Olympic Village with neon signs, jukeboxes, arcade machines and air hockey tables.

Who would have thought that all this came from the small village of Elberton, in the countryside a mile or two west of Thornbury? Thanks to for this photo of the pool tables in the dry bar:

Home Leisure Direct director Michelle Beresford said: “The London organising committee contacted us to offer games room and entertainment solutions to both the Olympic and Paralympic villages across the country.

“We went through a rigorous selection process but we were elated to find out we had been chosen to supply the equipment. We all feel very proud to have been involved in creating the villages recreation areas and to have been selected to supply such a prestigious event.”



One response

18 10 2012
Michelle Beresford

Thanks for the write up. We now have those models for sale for just £599 and of course stock is limited if any of our Bristol friends would like a well priced professional pool table to entertain all those Christmas guests!

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