Our World at At-Bristol

19 07 2012

An orange line has appeared at the entrance to At-Bristol. But this isn’t any old line; it is time itself. Imagine the big bang happened where Za Za Bazaar is, now follow a line towards At-Bristol. If every metre is 100 million years, then humans have only existed on Earth for the final three milimetres.

The first exhibit that you see at Our World is the living timeline; a planet teeming with interactive life, with augmented reality meaning that you can pick up and even splat the small creatures made out of beams of light roaming around in rivers and valleys.

Other highlights in the exhibition funded by the SITA Trust are a globe featuring real-time weather updates, a soil core drilled from the Gordano valley featuring tens of thousands of years of sediment, watching water move in front of your eyes from a liquid state to a solid crystal ice sheet, and – coming soon – a live erupting volcano.

All exhibits were made in-house by At-Bristol’s exhibitions and workshops team. Here’s content researcher Ruth Murray having a go on her favourite exhibit, the shimmer wall, allowing visitors to move their own small area of atmosphere with an air cannon:

For more information, visit www.at-bristol.org.uk.



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