Pub of the week: The Avon Packet

25 07 2012

Many pubs have decorations, beer pumps, perhaps flags, but there is probably nowhere else like the Avon Packet, with hundreds if not thousands of souvenir key fobs hanging from the ceiling and behind the bar, where there are also dozens of old Dinky toys, a small Golliwog and a hat commemorating Bristol City’s visit to Wembley in 2000.

You could almost miss the fairy lights both outside and around the bar, and the duckpond in the beer garden out back.

As you walk into the Coronation Road pub, it’s a narrow room with barely space for two people to pass each other in front of the bar, with a bit more space underneath a flat screen television and fruit machine to the right of the front door.

Courage Best is the only ale on tap, alongside Thatchers Traditional and Gold, and Natch. Food for £4 includes smoked haddock, beef curry, and bangers and mash, with cottage pie for £3.50.

The Avon Packet pub should not be confused with the Avon Packet website, a splendidly esoteric and thorough source of information about Bristol boozers who describe the Southville pub as “unwaveringly bonkers” as it “sits in splendid isolation above the mud-splattered magnificence of Southville’s legendary Cut, from which several of the more recherché ciders served within are suspected to have been drawn”.

This is a resolutely traditional pub dating back to the 1840s with not many airs and graces, a spit and sawdust establishment without any spit and sawdust.

The Avon Packet, 185-187 Coronation Road,  Southville, Bristol, BS3 1RF.



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