igfest needs you!

3 08 2012

igfest, the festival of incredible games, is returning to Bristol for its fifth year next month, and they need your help to make the festival a success, be that playing characters in the zombie chase game 2.8 Hours Later, or coming up with an incredible game yourself to be played during the festival.

The brains behind igfest are SlingShot, a small Bristol company based next to the Mother’s Ruin on St Nicholas Street, who over the last five years have taken their games internationally and worked with clients including Samsung and the Arts Council England.

2.8 Hours Later premiered at igest in Bristol in 2010 (read our review here) and has since been played across the country, selling out wherever it goes from London to Nottingham to Manchester.

It is absolutely brilliant fun being chased around Bristol by the undead, running from deserted buildings to empty shopping centres like lunatics.

I urge you to buy tickets for this year’s event. You will regret it if you don’t.

This year, 2.8 Hours Later comes to Bristol between September 5 and 8, and if you don’t want to take part as a player you can apply to become part of the action, playing characters like a stricken priest “in the throws of becoming a zombie, chained up in a dark church and abandoned by the choir and the congregation”, part of a zombie hen party or a pub looter.

Away from the big headline game, SlingShot need your help in coming up with more games to entertain during Igfest, which has seen everything from human Tetris to a a citywide game of golf using mobile handsets like a Wii remote.

“igfest games are different,” the SlingShot boys and girls say. “The games are all about unique connections between people and places.

“We play games in and with the real world. We play games in the city, on the streets and in unusual buildings and places. Some game are high tech and some have no tech at alll. Some games last for minutes and others hours. Some are rich and challenging and some are just senseless fun.

“We believe games can be as exciting and engaging as the cinema or theatre. igfest is a chance to play some of the best games from artists and game designers from across the world.”

To submit a game and for more information, visit www.slingshoteffect.co.uk.

2.8 Hours Later at the Galleries last year – photo by James Koch



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