Bristol firefighters going for gold

24 08 2012

One of Bristol’s oldest companies has won the contract to make the new uniforms for Avon Fire & Rescue Service. From next week, firefighters will be swapping their old blue kit for new gold coloured protective clothing made by Bristol Uniforms, a firm founded in 1801 and one of the world’s leading makers of firefighting kit.

From their factory in Wathen Street, Staple Hill, Bristol Uniforms design and make specialist protective wear for the emergency services in the UK and to firefighters in more than 110 countries around the world.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service deputy chief fire officer Jon Day said: “The only change that members of the public will notice will be the colour of the uniform, however the improvements for our crews are more significant.

“The new kit has been tested robustly to ensure it meets the demands of our work. Despite being lightweight it is extremely durable and will ensure our firefighters are well protected during their work at emergencies.”

Bristol Uniform’s joint managing director Ian Mitchell added: “Bristol Uniforms is especially pleased that Avon have chosen a local supplier and that we will be supplying them again with their new head-to-toe firefighter personal protective equipment.”



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