Bristol’s shy fountain

4 09 2012

Here’s something that you don’t find every day: a shy fountain. The shy fountain in question is outside the newest office block to be built on Anchor Road, just up from At-Bristol. Walk near it and it remains spouting water about four feet into the air. Walk too near it and the water stops. A clever idea and one that ensures office workers to do not get wet socks on their way to their desk.

The shy fountain was commissioned by Crest Nicholson from artist Simon Faithfull. On the website Art and the Public Realm, Simon said: “The intention of the Shy Fountain is to create a magical apparition.  A mysterious phenomenon rather than a flamboyant grand gesture. An artwork that lives through intrigue and word of mouth – that ultimately creates a kind of modern, magical myth.”



3 responses

4 09 2012

What a lovely name and an interesting idea!

4 09 2012
Susie Day

I think my feet would still get wet in the puddle left behind. Sweet idea though

5 09 2012


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