Wallace & Gromit music competition

14 09 2012

The main theme to Wallace & Gromit is one of those famous soundtracks that capture all of the excitement of the drama in just a few bars of  the trumpet. Composer Julian Nott is the man behind the music that accompanies Bristol’s most famous plasticine duo, but he is now letting primary school children across the UK take up the mantle in a new competition.

Following hot in the footsteps of the Wallace & Gromit Prom this summer, Aardman Animations are joining forces with the Proms and BBC Learning to give children the opportunity to create brand new soundtracks for the family favourites.

Children will be able to compose their own mini-film score with the help of online resources, with shortlisted teams invited to Aardman’s Bristol studios.

The two winning teams will have their soundtracks recorded by top BBC technicians in Salford’s CBBC headquarters, and broadcast on Blue Peter.

Merlin Crossingham, Wallace & Gromit creative director, surely one of the best jobs in the world not just in Bristol, gives some top tips for budding composers.

“First, watch the piece of film that you’re going to make the soundtrack to. Second, talk about it with your friends. Third, have a huge amount of fun doing it, that’s really important.

“And when you actually get down to making your soundtrack, don’t worry if you can’t play an instrument. Pick up some pots and pans. Run a spoon across the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Pop some balloons. Stamp your feet. Any sound that you make that you think is appropriate, is right.”

For more information, visit www.bbc.co.uk/schools/teachers/wallaceandgromit.



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