Freedom Through Football

16 09 2012

A new book has been published telling the first 20 years of the Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls, known as not just Bristol’s but Britain’s most intrepid sports club, who have played football in Palestine and against the Zapatista Freedom Fighters in Mexico, and sent a cricket team to Compton.

The team, based out of the Plough pub, had Banksy play in goal for them soon after being formed, and he joined the Cowboys on their trip to play against the Zapatistas.

Freedom Through Football, by Will Simpson and Malcolm McMahon, contains never before published pictures of Banksy at work in Mexico.

“He went on tour with us to Mexico in 2001 and painted a number of murals in the community,” Simpson told the BBC Bristol website.

“He did one tour and shortly after, he might have moved to London. We see him every so often when he comes back to Bristol.”

A Bansky painting was raffled off to raise money for water projects in Chiapas in Mexico, with sales of a t-shirt featuring the artwork raising £8,000.

The club established a cricket team in 1994, while the Cowgirls women’s football team began in 2002 and the netball team in 2004. There is also a mixed basketball team.

“The Cowboys is unique in that we don’t define ourselves as a socialist team or anarchist team,” Simpson added. “We are a sports team that has a political dimension.”

Freedom Through Football is published by Tangent Books. Click here for more information.



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