The Old Market Quarter heritage trail

27 09 2012

The Old Market area of Bristol has the second highest number of listed buildings in Bristol. A surprise perhaps for an area of the city now more known for its seedier side than its proud history. But the proliferation of historic buildings has led to the creation of an Old Market Quarter heritage trail, which due to its popularity will soon be updated.

Produced by the Old Market Community Association, the heritage trail takes in locations including a 17th century pub where instant justice was dealt out to market day offenders at the Pie Poudre court, the house of the portrait painter to King George III and a regimental drill hall built on the site of Bristol’s last sugar refinery.

Leighton De Burca, Old Market’s own place-making director, told Gerry Brooke of The Post’s Bristol Times supplement that big things are being planned for the area which grew up below Bristol Castle, on the main road to Kingswood Forest and on to London.

“Old Market is home to a great number of specialist independent businesses, everything from bespoke tailors, beauty salons and sports retailers, as well as larger businesses such as hotels, media companies and offices.

“The Community Association has some great ideas and plans for the area, which has suffered over the years from poor urban planning.”

An exhibition at the Architecture Centre next month will feature Old Market, with work by both professional architects and community workers, and an audio loop about Dorothy Brown who has campaigned on behalf of the area for many years.

Here is a selection of the buildings on the Old Market Quarter heritage trail:



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27 09 2012

Another great post – thank you.

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