River Cottage to open in Bristol

1 10 2012

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is planning to open a River Cottage restaurant and deli in Bristol on Whiteladies Road, in a building that was originally built as a hall for St John the Evangelist Church – deconsecrated in 1984 – but which was most recently Britannia Building Society.

The food writer and broadcaster has his River Cottage headquarters at Park Farm near Axminster, and also has two canteens and delis, in Axminster and Plymouth, which work with organic food and drink producers from the South West and stock local and seasonal provisions, as well as serving meals throughout the day.

This will most likely be the format of River Cottage in Bristol, and one which will hopefully be able to complement rather than compete with the nearby Better Food Company, a shop which sells similar produce with a similar ethos.

Bristol’s River Cottage is hoping to be granted a late license, and the application currently in the window also reveals that the venue could host live music.

Fearnley-Whittingstall’s most recent involvement in Bristol came during 2008 when he helped a group of Knowle residents start a smallholding on derelict council land.

River Cottage in Bristol would continue the current food renaissance of Whiteladies Road, joining such businesses as Ruby & White butchers and restaurants such as Rockfish Grill, also a fishmonger, and The Town House.



2 responses

25 10 2012
Francine Buckley

In this context it’s ‘complement’, not ‘compliment’.

25 10 2012

Thanks, Francine. Spoonerisms are a bit of a bugbare of mine.

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