Ferguson’s Bristol 1st to become party

15 10 2012

Bristol mayoral candidate George Ferguson is registering Bristol 1st as a political party, meaning that his name will no longer appear as an independent on the ballot paper. The aim is so that his new party’s logo can feature on what will be a very long sheet of paper, ensuring that he stands out from the other independent candidates, of which there could be many.

It is a shrewd move from Ferguson, with the Bristol 1st party set to be dissolved immediately after the November 15 election.

Standing as the party’s sole representative is something that he explains is simply “a legal technicality”, but it is another signal that the race to become Bristol’s first elected mayor is beginning to get serious.

Wannabe candidates have until midday on Friday, October 19 to declare that they will be standing in the election.

All mayoral candidates will be officially declared on October 24. Shortly afterwards, an information booklet about them all will then be sent to every registered voter in the city.

To find out more about Bristol 1st, visit www.bristol1st.com.



One response

16 10 2012
Nick Thomas

Sounds like a smart move by George Ferguson – and shows he’s very serious about running and about giving Bristol a truly independent Mayor (even if it means becoming a political party for a few weeks!).

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