From Bristol to Brooklyn

17 10 2012

A little slice of Bristol was in the Big Apple yesterday as From Bristol to Brooklyn took a group of musicians and artists to New York to present a taste of our street art, music and film. The event took place at the Knitting Factory, a club and gig venue on Metropolitan Avenue, and a business that was coincidentally founded in the former offices of Avon Products.

The arrival in Brooklyn was organised by BEAM – Bristol Exchange of Arts & Music – and featured street artists Inkie and Nick Walker, music from Scott Hendy, legendary Bristol-born DJ and now Brooklyn resident DJ Milo, plus short film screenings, visuals and art.

A documentary about Tricky and Knowle West, made by Mark Kidel, was one of the films shown, before representatives from Brooklyn, who will be travelling to Bristol for the return leg in the not too distant future, took to the canvasses and turntables.

“Much like Brooklyn itself, the city of Bristol has long been regarded as a place of innovation, radical creativity, and independence,” said the introduction to the event from the Watershed, who sent head of programme Mark Cosgrove and Pervasive Media Studio director Clare Reddington as part of the Bristol delegation.

Soon before 6pm New York time last night, five hours behind Bristol, Clare tweeted: “Painting in full swing. DJs setting up. Sound of Tricky documentary and Knowle West flooding into Brooklyn. Brilliant.”

Here is Nick Walker and the appearance of a familiar silhouette:



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