Goodbye walkways in the sky

18 10 2012

Hidden among reports of a 1970s office block in Bristol city centre being turned into student accommodation is the news that some of the last evidence will be removed of the fanciful project by concrete happy city fathers to create a “city in the sky”.

Froomsgate House sits in the middle of Rupert Street and Lewins Mead, and  can be accessed by the concrete walkways stretching over both of these roads, joining in an almost-secret raised piazza, perhaps meant to be a crowning glory in the doomed city in the sky project. Click here to read more.

Using the optimistic language so beloved by developers, Kevin Hunt, associate director at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: “The redevelopment of Froomsgate House will promote the regeneration of this part of Bristol and will deliver an active and lively use which helps to link Broadmead and the city centre.

“The removal of the walkways has been a long standing aspiration of the local community and we’re pleased to be able to deliver what they’ve long been asking for.”

This may be true, but it will still be a shame when the walkways are removed, removing one of the last links to the lofty but ultimately thwarted ambitions of Bristol’s post-war town planners.



2 responses

18 10 2012

I’ve gotten used to them and I can think of better use of funds than removing them.

19 10 2012

It’s an interesting part of Bristol, especially if you’re in to your local history and old photographs etc…

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