Vee Double Moo

21 10 2012

“I have a honker for that very purpose.” Until this week I had never heard that phrase uttered. But then I paid a visit to Vee Double Moo, located in an old VW camper van on the top of Brandon Hill. As my churros were being made, I was told to wait and to listen out for the honk.

A few minutes later, a honk-honk broke the peace and tranquility of the nature reserve, only interrupting the sounds of birds in the trees, squirrels scurrying among the blades of grass, and the thud-thud of a pneumatic drill a few metres away in the former bowling green.

Chocolate con churros are a new addition to Vee Double Moo, adding to owner Bridget Pilkington’s soft ice cream with organic cones and homemade sauces, cupcakes, cookies, and tea and coffee.

For £3.50, I got four horseshoe-shaped churros, liberally sprinkled with sugar, served in a small cardboard bowl with the melted dipping chocolate at the bottom.

As in the camper van itself, space was tight. So much so that it was only when reaching the last churro that the full dipping potential could be realised.

I always prefer churros shaped like thick pencils and served separately from the chocolate. Personal preference for the shape of doughnuty confectionery aside, however, the taste was just right.

Look out for Vee Double Moo at fairs, festivals, weddings, community events, Christmas markets and children’s parties. For now, a walk up Brandon Hill is quite the tonic after a deliciously tasty chocolatey treat.

Follow Bridget on Twitter to find out where she will be next, and if you walk up Brandon Hill to the seats near Cabot Tower and think that she’s not there, it’s because the Vee Double Moo VW is located just around the corner.

Twitter: @veedoublemoo
elephone: 07554 430911



One response

3 11 2012
Bridget Pilkington

Thank you for taking the time to try Vee Double Moo churros. Glad you liked them!

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