Meat & Bread

27 10 2012

It is the stated mission of Meat & Bread to serve up “the biggest and most unique sandwiches in Bristol”. I can confirm 100 per cent that they have succeeded in that lofty aim. Never before have I seen such a huge amount of food crammed into one piece of bread.

I was looking for the red and yellow awning on the centre, but on the day I visited it was on College Green, serving me saltbeef, turkey, smoked pork loin, saeurkraut and pickles.

There is a new restaurant chain in that there London called Burger & Lobster that is currently wowing gastronauts. They simply serve two dishes very well indeed, and Meat & Bread do exactly the same.

Meat & Bread have a different city centre location each day, and they are well worth finding for not just the biggest but the best sandwiches in Bristol.



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