Knowle seven-year-old presented with Pride of Britain Child of Courage Award

30 10 2012

Prepare to reach for the hankies tonight as a young girl from Bristol is honoured in the annual blub-fest that is the Pride of Britain awards on ITV. Seven-year-old Ramona Gibb (below, with Tulisa) saved her younger sister’s life last year when she pushed her out of the way of a car, which in turn hit Ramona causing her serious injuries.

Ramona’s heroism only came to light when her sister Trixie, now four, complained: “Ramona pushed me.”

In July last year, Ramona and Trixie were playing on their scooters outside their home in Imperial Walk, Knowle, when an elderly driver manoeuvring her car in the road accidentally stepped on the accelerator, shooting her car towards the two sisters.

Ramona instantly pushed Trixie to safety but took the full impact of the car herself, which dragged her along and crushed her against a parked Land Rover before she was pulled out by a neighbour.

She was rushed to Bristol Children’s Hospital and admitted to intensive care, suffering from liver and lung damage, a broken leg and rib, a bruised pelvis, a damaged knee and internal bleeding. She needed five operations and spent 16 days in hospital.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary family liaison officer Natalie Gillard nominated Ramona for her award, which was presented at the ceremony last night by The X Factor cast and judges.

Natalie said: “Ramona is a very brave and special little girl who has overcome some horrendous injuries. It’s very likely that she saved her younger sister Trixie from serious injury or even death thanks to her split second decision. She’s an inspiration and that’s why I nominated her for this prestigious award.”



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