Bristol Ice Rink closes after half a century

1 11 2012

Bristol Ice Rink has closed its doors for the final time, after 46 years and more than 10 million visitors. Despite many protests when it was announced that Unite would be turning the Trenchard Street site into student flats, the rink was unable to be saved and Bristol’s ice skaters will now have to travel to Swindon to continue their hobby.

“It’s a massive loss,” rink manager Eddie Pearson told BBC Bristol. “It’s a strategic rink that’s placed in Bristol that attracts people from all over the South West.”

“It’s not a case of skating being dead and buried in Bristol, but we’ve come to the end of our lease and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

When I visited the ice rink at about 6pm last night, a party was just getting started, with many skaters coming for one last triple salchow before the rink closed.

What the rink had become since opening in 1966 was not a great advertisement for the city, and its best days were long behind it many years before it was finally condemned.

But for a city the size of Bristol not to have an ice rink is a civic disgrace, and a sad indictment of the lack of any world class sporting facilities we have compared to many other cities of similar or even smaller size.



One response

1 11 2012

I last went there a good 15-20 years ago and apart from the lockers it’s not changed.

I can’t think of a single sporting stage in Bristol apart from two very crumby football stadiums…

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