Mark’s Cafe

11 11 2012

The smell of bread mixes in Mark’s Cafe with the smell of beer. While the bakers hard at work in Mark’s Bread can be glimpsed through a window, the brewers at Bristol Beer Factory the other side of one wall cannot be seen but the aromas from their own hard work can most certainly be noticed.

The only question over Mark’s Cafe is why it has not opened earlier, as Mark’s Bread has been serving the good people of Ashton, Bedminster and Southville from their North Street bakery now for more than three years.

When there is a show in the Brewery Theatre next door, this space is used as a bar and place to discuss the show at the interval and after final curtain.

As a cafe, it is ideal, with long tables and a bustling counter the size of which must be the envy of most of the other cafes in Bristol.

Food and drinks are chalked up on blackboards operated on a pulley system behind the bar, as the tasty produce made just yards away is displayed on the counter and carried in as freshly baked as it’s possible to be.

Mark’s Cafe, open from 9.30am to 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday, has croissants and other assorted pastries to please the breakfast crowd, with bacon in ciabatta, croque monsieurs, quiches and baguettes served all day.

An option to share is the charcuterie board (the most expensive item on the menu at £7.50), while the bread board (£2) – Mark’s daily bread special with olive oil, dukka and balsamic vinegar – must be the best in Bristol.

Mark’s Cafe, 291 North Street, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1JU. 0117 953 7997.



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