My Bristol favourites: Jesse Meadows from Theatre Uncut Bristol

11 11 2012

Jesse Meadows is co-organiser of Theatre Uncut Bristol, a Bristol version of an international event “created to get people thinking, talking and taking action on the events that are happening in the world around them”, where leading playwrights pen brand new short plays in response to the current political situation with their scripts then made available for anyone to perform.

Venues taking part in Theatre Uncut Bristol include the Old Vic, Tobacco Factory, Trinity Centre, Hamilton House, Bierkeller, The Wardrobe Theatre and The Parlour Showrooms.

For more information, visit

Here are Jesse’s top-five Bristol favourites:

The Wardrobe Theatre
Ok, ok, as co-artistic director I am a little biased! But having run this new performance venue for 18 months, I can honestly say that I get an increasing rush each time I’m in the space. Supporting local artists, from a regular improvised soap opera to alternative Christmas shows… all for under a fiver! It’s wonderful to see it transform from a junk room above a pub, to an intimate little character of its own. With a dedicated audience growing fast, it’s a joy to be programming for 2013. What’s more, you can catch the Theatre Uncut Launch party there on Monday, November 12.

Gaol Ferry Bridge (below)
This bridge is commonly used by walking and pedalling commuters – symbolising the journey across Bristol, from north to south, south to north. I’m an avid cyclist and when working at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, I love biking over this bridge on my way there. Hey, it’s even got a special lane for bicycles! And it keeps changing as it’s a favourite spot for yarn bombers, guerilla knitters, and fun lovin’ graffiti artists, and there is often new knitted surprises covering the railings or hanging from the lamp posts.

The Bristol Pound
This is such an exciting addition to an evolving and wonderful city. My father hasn’t stopped talking about the Bristol Pound since it was launched in September, and has got me doing the same! Fashionable and functional, it is beautifully designed with bright colours and fab local artwork! (Much more stylish than normal pounds – my favourite is the £B1 note) Proud to be UK’s first city wide local currency, it’s a great initiative to support and encourage local businesses and strengthen local economy. If you haven’t already, get involved!

The view from my loo
Nope, I’m not joking. I live in Montpelier and if you sit on my toilet you can look out across the roof tops of St Paul’s, Cabot Circus and beyond. Apparently, if you squint really hard you can also see into Bristol Old Vic artistic director Tom Morris’ kitchen window! Morning or night, the view is constantly different and a great reminder of a great city. Someone recently suggested I should start a blog about it… so I did! Sunrises, grey skies, blue skies and garden parties.

The Bristol crowd
Many friends who have moved to Bristol, not only talk about their love of the place, but also the people. Whilst organising Theatre Uncut, everyone who heard about it has been so keen to support a project which is ultimately about our politics and our society. This festival is run completely voluntarily and so many people, from theatre managers to actors to directors to councillors (thanks Gus!), have given loads of time and support to make sure these plays are put on. So now the Theatre Uncut’s festival programme boasts a host of shows in theatre spaces all across the city. Enjoy!




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