Martin Bell endorses George Ferguson

12 11 2012

Martin Bell, the most famous independent in British politics in recent years, is visiting Bristol today to lend his support to George Ferguson in the Bristol mayoral election and Sue Mountstevens, the only independent candidate in the Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Bell (right) became MP for Tatton in 1997 after standing as an independent candidate against Neil Hamilton, who had become embroiled in sleaze allegations.

The former BBC journalist, now a UNICEF ambassador, is joining a number of other independent politicians coming to Bristol for a unique event at the Tobacco Factory.

They will be debating how the independence offered by Ferguson and Mountstevens can bring new energy and dynamism in shaping Bristol’s future.

Other speakers include Siobhan Benita, who won 84,000 first votes and 212,000 second reference votes standing as an independent in this year’s London mayoral election; and Liam Fogarty, the independent candidate who was runner-up in Liverpool’s first mayoral election.

Ferguson said: “Never have Bristol voters had so much to gain and so much to lose in a single election, a view that I know Martin Bell shares.

“I look forward to Martin highlighting how exciting this opportunity is for Bristol, and what is at stake.

“If Marvin Rees is elected, he has stated that he will form a cabinet entirely of Labour representatives. This is a daunting prospect for our city.

“We are on the brink of single party control. We all know from the experience of Labour’s stranglehold on Bristol from the early 1980s to the beginning of the millennium what follows.

“Total domination of politics by a single party results in arrogance, staleness of approach and cronyism.

“This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the city’s chief executive and three of five key directors will be appointed over the next 18 months.

“A Labour mayor, together with these key Labour party-appointed posts, supported by a Labour council, would have a stranglehold on Bristol that this city hasn’t seen for 10 years.”

This house in Southville is torn between which independent candidate to support. Other independent candidates in this week’s Bristol mayoral election are Tony Britt, Tim Collins, Rich Fisher, Stoney Garnett, Owain George, Spud Murphy and Philip Pover.



4 responses

12 11 2012

Sad to see bristol culture blog used so openly for political propaganda, i’ll no longer be following your blog Martin.

12 11 2012

I read this blog regularly but all you seem to do is publish George Ferguson propaganda. I won’t be reading anymore.

Didn’t you once attack Bristol 247 for rehashing press releases?

12 11 2012
katcha bilek

If you are going to show political leanings, then could you also use the blog for other campaigns, such as that which opposes the proposed BRT2 scheme?

BRT2 will have no noticeable effect on traffic congestion. The traffic forecast commissioned by the Council shows the scheme will only reduce car traffic across the area by 0.2%. With the proposed closure of Prince Street bridge to all vehicles except buses, drivers who currently use the bridge will be shunted onto other routes, causing congestion and bottlenecks elsewhere.
Please see for more – it’s important.

14 11 2012

I don’t really care if Martin uses this website to push political ‘propaganda’, every website is politically motivated to some degree.

I’ll still use this website to find out about gigs, pubs and events in our fair city.

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