‘Why I am voting for George Ferguson’

15 11 2012

Today, Bristol stands at its most important crossroads for a generation. Today, we can either vote for an independent mayor to do things differently, the Bristol way. Or we could vote for a party mayor, controlled by his paymasters in London, who will set Bristol back decades.

I am voting for George Ferguson today because he is the only candidate who can deliver real change and wave goodbye to the petty party politics that has had a stranglehold on Bristol for far too long.

Here are some well-known Bristolians who are voting for Ferguson:

Alastair Sawday, publisher
“We need a wholly new man or woman at the top, not a party apparatchik but someone who will breathe new life and spirit into our ailing systems. Such a person has to be independent; it goes without further argument. I am utterly convinced that George Ferguson is the only man who can do this. And once he is there he will need our support – in spades; I do believe that he will be able to muster it as nobody else could.”

Robert Del Naja, Massive Attack
“We’re backing George. Having an independent at the helm will allow Bristol to benefit from the widest range of talent. More people will have their say and the city will be open to more opportunities. It’s about running the city beyond just a political agenda. It’s not just about managing budgets and balancing the books. It’s about imagination. We need a mayor that will bring projects with major appeal to Bristol. We need to look at what’s been achieved in Manchester. They’ve invested heavily in the arts, and it’s brought back huge economic benefits for the city. George is the man that will do this. A party candidate won’t do it, they won’t look beyond running the council operations.”

Eugene Byrne, journalist and author
“I want George Ferguson to be our mayor because he, more than any other candidate, will make Bristol a more interesting and fun place to live in. This election represents a brilliant opportunity for Bristol, and we need to vote in someone who puts Bristol before party politics. Hopefully, this election will not see Bristolians voting according to how much they like/hate the parties nationally. Hopefully they will vote for Bristol, and in my humble, the best way to do that is to vote for the man in the red trousers.”

Colin Sexstone, former Bristol City FC chairman
“George and I have had our disagreements in the past but we have put those behind us. I have known George for a long time and there are many things we agree on. The most important thing – and this is absolutely crucial – is that the elected mayor has to have a large degree of independence so they can rise above the constant political bickering and inter-party squabbling. I am not convinced that the other candidates who have been nominated by the major parties will have that degree of independence which is needed. The elected mayor will have to work with the elected councillors but that is different from being part of a political machine.”

Ali Robertson, Tobacco Factory Theatre Arts Trust director
“I run the Tobacco Factory Arts Trust, the charity that looks after the Tobacco Factory Theatre. I have seen first-hand the way in which George has supported arts and culture with passion and commitment and the way in which their success has had a hugely positive and regenerative outcome. I will be proud to vote for him to be Bristol’s first mayor and look forward to him working for the good of the whole city.”

Mike Bennett, See No Evil co-organiser
“George gets the city. He understands what makes it tick and has experience of bringing people together to get behind a vision. He’s been promoting Bristol’s independent spirit for years and isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and telling it like it is. A trait that’s lacking within the corridors of the council house. A major positive for me is also his intention to bring the best talent from across the different parties to work together. I firmly believe George will make Bristol an exciting place to live and work, drive it forward and finally allow it to reach its potential as a leading, dynamic European city. It’s our chance to make a big difference today, let’s not miss this opportunity. Bristol deserves better!”




3 responses

15 11 2012
Jeff Holwell

I worked for George in his fabulous bar in southville for over a year. I’m voteing for George cause I beleive that he really does Truley beleive in people. Their ideas and skills and wisdom. He takes all these factors on board and try’s to make something out of it. Whether it be for the local community or for the whole city. This is the guy to make it happen.

Many thanks George for giving a chance on an unknown kid,

Much love,

Jeff Holwell

19 11 2012

learn to spell

15 11 2012

He’s got the wealthy middle aged, middle class, white male vote then.

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