The Lion King in Bristol in numbers

17 11 2012

Tonight sees the final performance of The Lion King at the Bristol Hippodrome. It is estimated that during its three-month run it has brought in more than £6 million to the Bristol economy. 165,000 people have seen the 88 shows, with three-quarters of the audience coming from outside Bristol, and more than half of these visiting the Hippodrome for the first time.

John Hallett, managing director at Destination Bristol, said:“The level of economic impact that an event the calibre of The Lion King can bring to the city of Bristol is extraordinary. We saw a similar effect in 2009 with the acclaimed Banksy exhibition, which brought tens of thousands of visitors to the region.

“While it is impossible to accurately measure this impact, after analysing attendance figures, we believe that through travel, hotel accommodation, business in locals shops and restaurants, The Lion King brought well over £6 million to the local economy – as well as entertaining more than 165,000 people.”

Playing as part of the Hippodrome’s centenary season, the stalls in the auditorium were reconfigured to have two aisles, and due to the high demand for tickets, the musical was the first production in the theatre’s history to sell standing room tickets.

Bristol Hippodrome general manager Christiaan De Villiers said: “It has been thrilling to have Disney’s The Lion King at the Hippodrome during our centenary year. It has brought new audiences and new energy to the theatre, and is sure to stand as one of this historic theatre’s most exciting and memorable productions.”



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